Lumina Grand EC CDL Making Commuting Easier and Greener with Proximity to MRT Station for Residents

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Aside from the convenience it offers, the area around the MRT also boasts great amenities such as shopping malls, restaurants, parks and more. For Lumina Grand EC residents, living near a MRT makes their everyday life more efficient and easy. They can choose to head down and shop, hang out with friends, or even visit the park. All these activities add to the joy of living in a great community. The JRL also connects Lumina Grand EC to other parts of Singapore, allowing quick access to the city centre and other areas. Residents of Lumina Grand EC can thus rest assured that they are well connected and have everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable life.

Lumina Grand EC residents have the benefit of being close to a MRT Station, allowing them to choose a more eco-friendly commuting option than driving. This not only reduces their carbon footprint, but …